Author: HometownGirl

I'm a mom first and foremost. I love God and my family & friends. I'm a native Texan and will always be a Texan because I can't stand cold weather! I graduated from Texas A&M in 1995 and went into the corporate world as a programmer. I got married in 1998 and had 3 children starting in 2000. These years have flown by way too fast. One has flown the coop and I have 2 more in high school, getting ready to fly the coop. When my children were young, I wanted a way to be able to have more free time with them and be able to pick them up whenever I wanted to. I wanted to be there for all of their practices and appointments. And the way to do that was to start my own business. Hence, Hometown Realtors of Texas was born! We are a real estate brokerage based in the Greater Houston area. I've been doing real estate for 15 years and I can't see me doing anything else. I'm a people person and helping them achieve their dreams of home ownership just fulfills a sense of purpose.